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July 22, 2012
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[Silver-Shadow] Tylluan Reff by Kitsanil [Silver-Shadow] Tylluan Reff by Kitsanil

:bulletyellow: Name || Tylluan [ Ty - Lwan ]
:bulletyellow: Meaning || "Owl" in Welsh
:bulletyellow: Kit Name || Hoot
:bulletyellow: Gender || Male
:bulletyellow: Tribe || Shadow-Tribe
:bulletyellow: Age || 4 Season Cycles
:bulletyellow: Breed || Chartreux / Longhair Tabby mix
:bulletyellow: Rank || Leader
:bulletyellow: Tattoo || Silver-Shadow
:bulletyellow: Ability || *Secondary* + Primary

:bulletyellow: Appearance || The Silver-Shadow is a very lean tom, at about an average height and weight. He has a mane-like cluster of fur running along his back and shoulder-blades, and he has odd yellowed eyes that are almost always half-closed out of a habit of constantly looking unimpressed. He usually talks in a cool, smooth voice (Somewhat like professor Snape from Harry Potter) and Tylluan has long white whiskers. His tail is cut short due to a caving accident as a child, and he now wears a dark gray brace around his hind left paw with a small chain attached to it. He’s also stuffed an owl feather in there.

:bulletyellow: Personality :
|| Cold || Sarcastic || Loyal || Klutz || Honest || Protective || Serious ||

Cold >> Tylluan is a very hard cat to impress. Gaining any respect or admiration from him whatsoever is a tough task, and this is usually because he thinks very little of others around him. He doesn’t have a grasp over to concept of empathy, and he’s quick to make a cool retort and verbalize his disapproval. But even though he can act like such a pessimist, it’s not in the way in which where he thinks great of himself. In most cases, he looks at himself as being one of the few sane ones around, because even though he pushes others away he’s quite down to earth. After you’re able to gain his respect, however, he may start to act a little less chilly around certain felines, not that it means he will ever spare their feelings if there is something he feels should be said.
Sarcastic >> The Silver-Shadow has a very dry sense of humour. He’s hard to anger, because he usually takes everything in a very icy-calm manor, using his sharp tongue and immeasurable wit to deal with his problems. However his snide remarks can usually come off quite offensive, and although he’s not one to dwell on guilt or regret, he can’t deny wishing to be capable of taking back some of the things that slide off his tongue. But Ty doesn’t always only use sarcasm when in disagreements. He’s always open to answering questions of other cats, but if he feels one question or remark is particularly stupid, he usually has a snide reply, which can sometimes be mistaken as him being serious with the way he speaks in a deep, cool monotone voice, as if he always truly couldn’t care less.
Loyal >> He can always be counted on to give it his all when it comes to being there for his Tribe, and sometimes even his tribe-mates. He finds it extremely hard to relate or connect with others, and doesn’t usually know what to do when they come to him with strong senses of emotions. He usually shuts them down, but even Tylluan can sometimes figure out when it’s time to sympathize and be there for support. Although cold and sometimes a bit of a bully, he’s fair and will defend his tribemates in an instant if threatened physically or emotionally by any other tribe cats. He usually holds cats of other clans at an arm’s distance, not trusting these groups in the slightest until they have proven him otherwise. Not always an easy thing to do with the fierce loyalty he feels towards the cats he knows, however.
Klutz >> Ever since he lost most of his tail in that cave in many season cycles ago, Tylluan has been very physically unbalanced. When fighting, he prefers to use his abilities, and has built up a fairly good endurance while draining his powers to make up for his lack of skills with tooth and claw. If cats of his tribe step out of line or judge his authority, he will often simply attempt to control them if provoked enough, because he knows if he’s challenged to a physical fight he would be tripping and stumbling. Because of this, Ty usually keeps his claws unsheathed to hold a better grip on the ground, and although he’s gotten much better at simple things like hunting, coming from a lifestyle that relied so heavily on balance from his tail, he still longs for the days he could hop from tree to tree with ease. But lots of practice has managed to restore some of his tree climbing abilities, where he feels a respect for the owls that live above. Some believe that the loss of his tail is one of the reasons he can be quite bitter but as far as Ty’s concerned he’s not in a bad mood, they’re just all being annoying.
Honest >> Tylluan is almost always a bit too honest. He won’t hold back telling others what he thinks of them, and he’s not one to spare feelings. But one thing he doesn’t believe in is lying. He had very little respect for cats who lie upfront, and if eager to get enough control over his secondary abilities to try and harness the Lie To Me skill. He usually keeps his known skills secret however, favouring the thought that perhaps some of the cats down there might think he can already tell if they attempt to lie to him. In most cases however, his ability to tell between lie and truth is very clouded, so he takes the easy route and doesn’t believe it until he sees it. But if he tells you something, you can usually be quite sure it’s the truth. So it's usually best not to ask him a question unless you'e certain you can handle the answer he'll give.
Protective >> Those who believe deep down he’s a real softy are absolutely correct. Seeing him like it is more rare then seeing him smile, however. But he cares deeply for everyone, and takes it hard if anyone dies no his watch, often blaming himself silently. He feels a responsibility as leader of his tribe, and tries to make the parting easier by behaving very coldly towards cats. But if they were threatened, he would never take it well, and Ty has rushed in to dangerous situations because of it before. He’s especially protective of younger felines and kits, and he can’t help but tolerate them because even kittens manage to tug his heartstrings. He’d die before he’d let anyone know how much he likes kits, though, and no way he’d ever confide that he’d truly like some one day.
Serious >> He doesn’t laugh, his smiles are very few, and Tylluan takes everything with grave meanings. He hasn’t had fun in quite a while, but feels no need for it with his serious personality. He likes to take time to think about things, and does most of his thinking up in trees with the owls. It’s quite peculiar why he spends so much time with feathered creatures, but those who’ve already seen his signature move don’t usually question it out loud. Ty believes everybody should try to be mature once they’ve hit a certain age, and he’s quick to snap at apprentices he catches goofing off rather then doing their work. The Silver-Shadow takes his responsibility very seriously, and doesn’t leave a lot of breathing room in his expectations.

:bulletyellow: Skills :
Secondary: || SKILL 1 ( Is this a Name? ) || SKILL 2 ( Seeing the Soul) || SKILL 3 ( Control Through the Name 1 ) || SKILL 4 ( Understanding of Emotions ) || SKILL 5 ( Control Through The Name 2 ) || SKILL 6 ( Meditation ) || SKILL 7 ( Control Through The Name 3 )

Primary: || SKILL 1 ( Seeing in the Dark ) || SKILL 2 ( Sneaking Creep ) || SKILL 3 ( Shadows Around Me 1 )

:bulletyellow: Signature Move || Twin Talons - Tylluan takes control of a pair of owls and cloaks them in shadows, using them to swoop down on his enemy, However, while combining his abilities like this, Tylluan is unable to move or fight physically due to the concentration required, and afterwards he’s usually very drained. Can only hold control over the owls for a limited time.

:bulletyellow: Total Skill Count || 10
:bulletyellow: Soulbond || None
:bulletyellow: Mate || None
:bulletyellow: Kits || None ( Thankfully )
:bulletyellow: History || Pending

:bulletyellow: Relationships

:bulletwhite: = Neutral
:bulletyellow: = Respect
:bulletblue: = Friend
:bulletgreen: = Close Friend
:bulletpink: = Crush
:bulletred: = Love
:bulletpurple: = Family
:bulletorange: = Dislike
:bulletblack: = Hate
None Currently

:bulletyellow: Roleplay Sample ||
It was oddly surreal, how with ever graceful movement of the fox he felt closer to his element. His affinity, smoke. Teigan often didn’t know what to think of it. Should he be glad? Should he be ashamed? He recalled how he used to practice it, working on his breathing, cloaking himself in the ashy, strong smelling whisps of air until he melted into the shadows. It used up a lot of his energy, his kros, but in a way, smoke served him well. It was the cover of thieves, allowing him to get around undetected. Well, to anyone who didn’t have a nose. He guessed it was probably more effective to use the element after he had been detected. And the gods knew how much trouble he got in, using his smoke or not. It probably didn’t help his case that the other day him and Nyoku had been exploring and discovered a Red Kros bead each. With it, he felt a strange sense of power, as if he could do whatever he wanted and still had a get out of jail free card. He smirked crookedly at the very thought. Aah, kros beads. He kept it a bit of a secret, however. It was partially because of his selfish greed and love of mysteries, but also because he didn’t like the idea of others asking him where he found it. Teigan knew if he would tell the curious aeniama, they would most likely go searching around there too. And with more foxes constantly exploring, there would be less potential places for Teigan to go and hang out or simply be alone, causing problems. He wondered absentmindedly if the cinnamon coloured spirit had told anybody about her bead. It didn’t really matter to him what she did, but come to think of it, she could’ve told all the level nine kitsunes by now. He shrugged to himself; Nyoku didn’t exactly strike him as a blabbermouth. His lilac gaze flickered back to the fox with the chicken skull. There was something about him that was both fascinating and almost… irritating? Teigan narrowed his eyes; that chicken skull was kinda creepy. It was so strange, the way the other aeniama would speak with it. Was it actually talking back? He couldn’t help but wonder if maybe this crazy brute was on to something. He contemplated trying to swipe his totem, but quickly rules that out. This fox was already batshit crazy with his skull. Who knew what kinds of hells would break loose without it? Besides, what would a fox like Teigan want with a smelly old chicken skull? His interests seemed to usually range around more shiny objects, like silvery of golden kitchenware and different forms of human jewellery they seemed to have lost down their drains. The smell of the humans often made the aeniama gag, but after sitting on things long enough they seem to mysteriously gain the scent of smoke. Like his dice and his pelt, for an example. Some foxes even seemed bothered by it, but he appreciated those that didn’t. Well, to be honest, half the time he felt an odd glimmer of rueful pride at getting an irritated glance or comment about the state of his scent. That’s right, get a good long whiff. Smoke if my affinity and I’m proud, he would huff mentally.
[ Taken from an Rp for KrosFox with ~Captain-Clover and ~kate0808 ]


Art / Tylluan (c) *KitsaniCat
The golden Butterfly (c) *Tzurai

Also, Thanks a ton Tzuzu for helping me animate it <33
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Hollyseven Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ohmygod he's awesome!! And hopefully my future leader :eyes: Though this'd be the perfect change to get your revenge for ma spam notes XD
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