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November 10, 2013
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PMA - Daniel - Mightyena by Kitsanil PMA - Daniel - Mightyena by Kitsanil
:iconpokemon-amie: Mightyena Sprite by HotBlackAngel

Finally Complete!

:pokeball: General

:bulletblack: | Pokemon | ------ #262 Mightyena
:bulletyellow: | Nickname | ------ Daniel [Dan]
:bulletblack: | Gender | ---------- Male
:bulletblack: | Birthdate | ------- December 29th 
:bulletblack: | Current Age | ---- 25 Years Old
:bulletblack: | Orientation | ----- Heterosexual

:bulletyellow: | Family |
Father -- Houndoom
* Inherited Fire Fang

Mother ------------- Mightyena
Siblings ------------- None
Offspring ----------- None
Romantic Partner - None

:pokeball: Pokemon Stats

:bulletblack: | Current Level | --- 33
:bulletblack: | Nature | ------------ Adamant [ +Attack -Sp. Defense ]
:bulletblack: | Faction | ----------- Currently not part of a Gang

:bulletyellow: | Moves |

Howl ----- The user howls loudly to raise its spirit, boosting its Attack stat.
Crunch --- The user crunches the target with sharp fangs. It may also lower the target's Defense stat.
Tackle ---- A physical attack in which the user charges and slams into the target with its whole body.
Fire Fang - The user bites with flame-cloaked fangs. It may also make the target flinch or leave it burned.

:bulletblack: | Battle Stats |

:star::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:Sp. Attack
:star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:Sp. Defense

:pokeball: Pokehuman Info

:bulletblack: | Occupation | -- Works at one of the many Lumiose Cafés
:bulletyellow: | Residence | ---- Lumiose City [ also visits Laverre City frequently ]
:bulletblack: | Appearance |
Dan is of average height [a bit on the short side compared to some], with tanned skin and jagged teeth. He has dark, Mightyena-coloured hair that he doesn't even attempt to control, and a temper that he treats with the same freedom. His eyes are an amber-yellow hue, and above them sits curved eyebrows that are slightly darker than his other hair. He has a well-built figure, and gets in his exercise with all the extra running he does after work. Fashion-wise, he tends to wear whatever is most comfortable. Usually this means baggy hoodies and jeans, but he's also a fan of jackets and T-shirts when it's warmer out. Also, let it not be forgotten how much he loathes the apron he's forced to wear at work. But in the end he's never been the type to get flustered about his appearance, unless of course somebody is so bold as to complain about it. He does have some insecurities however, and these mostly revolve around the fact that without some kind of maintenance, his Mightyena form has cursed his pokehuman with a tad more back hair than he'd like. Yeah. C'est la vie.

:bulletyellow: | Personality |

Hostile ~ Disobedient ~ Organized ~ Honest ~ Competitive ~ Narcissistic ~ Independent

Hostile - Making him a very hard person to get along with, Dan can be... well, downright mean. He's anti-social and genuinely dislikes the company of people he's not familiar with. He's not the type to go out and meet others, so most of the friends he has are pokehumans who could look past his harsh remarks or those who gained his respect one way or another. Daniel will speak his mind, and most don't like what he has to say. He acts bitter towards those who interact with him, and it's become a bit of an instinct now. His sharp retorts also tend to come with some less-than-kind words, as Dan's never been the type to censor himself or stress over profanities. But there's light at the end of the tunnel; once he considers somebody a "friend", his hostility will be nothing more than well-disguised but playful banter.
Disobedient - Few things irk him more than being told what to do. Dan likes to do things his way, and even after having been proven wrong, he'll continue to act however he wants. He's late for work every morning, and if it wasn't for some actual skill with the coffee machines he would be fired and long gone by now. His rebellious attitude comes from the years he'd spent fiercely loyal to a trainer - years he now considers wasted.
Organized - Surprisingly enough, for somebody so lax and careless, Dan isn't a slob at all when it comes to his living and work spaces. He can actually be quite meticulous when it comes to finding something he needs; if he wants it he wants it now. And nothing is more infuriating than wanting something now and not being able to find it. So the dark-haired pokehuman always ensures his stuff has a place they need to go, and he's not the type to loose or forget about things.
Honest - A bit too much, actually. Daniel doesn't spare the feelings of others, and feels if they can't take what he has to say they simply shouldn't listen. He's brutally honest, and though this is incredibly obnoxious at times, at least it comes with the certainty that if you ask what's on his mind, he'll be direct. But even so, Dan's never been a very sentimental pokemon. A lot of times even he himself won't exactly know how to feel about some situations! So, when that happens, what better than to fall back on snarky comments and sarcastic statements right?
Competitive - Another trait is that he's very driven, especially if there's a chance at beating somebody. He's very competitive, and won't ever back down from a dare if his pride is at stake. You'd think this trait would surface mostly in tournament battles and fights, but it's actually far more common in Dan's living room. Video Games. Something about mashing buttons and fixating on that silver screen gets Dan right fired up, and the prospect of loosing to somebody else is almost unthinkable. When he gets competitive, he tends to either yell a lot or get very quiet with focus. But whether he wins or looses, you can bet he'll be a poor sport about it. Nevertheless, he truly enjoys pitting himself against others whatever the outcome, looking at it as more of a challenge to himself than anything else. Determined to test his own limits, Dan seeks progress and believes trying his luck against others and beating them is the fastest way to make improvement.
Narcissistic - An ugly flaw, Dan can sometimes be a bit full of himself. Not looks-wise, gosh no! But rather in his abilities instead. For a long time he had been the top pokemon in his Trainer's team, dominating their foes until the point of his fallout. Though the abandonment had been a hard blow to his confidence, it has seemed to make him even more determined to put up these walls. He acts much more cocky and self-sure than he really is, and some of the things he says are really loaded. But if he can't manage genuine confidence, he'll roll with narcissism instead, and talking big helps his image in his own eyes. He can sometimes border a bit on the selfish side of the spectrum as well, but after befriending others he'll naturally put them above himself; not every day he meets somebody who can put up with him and his snide remarks.
Independent - Dan likes to consider himself free. He hates the idea of being tied down in any way shape or form, and getting to experience everything he missed out on while cooped up in Lysandre's labs has really become an addiction to him. He'll do his own thing, enjoying the world around him at his own pace and not always needing the company of others to feel at peace. Truth be told, he can sometimes be prone to loneliness despite that - mostly because of Mightyena's pack nature. But the thought of committing himself to others is too unappealing to entertain, so for now Dan will do what he wants; which is usually getting up to no good.

:bulletred: | History |

Daniel's story begins as a small Poochyena amongst the ranks of Team Flare.

He had been born into the organization, feeling comfortable with the sharp suits and the curvy insignia of his home. Growing up, he was appointed to a Grunt named Garrett. Garrett was tall and held himself with pride, and it was clear he was a man who knew what he wanted and was fully capable of working his way up the ranks - maybe even become an admin with the right pokemon. Dan was determined to be that right pokemon. So, the new and disoriented pup clung to his trainer, idolizing him immensely right out the gate. The quirky man who's eyes were shielded by tacky red glasses had whispered promises of strength to the Poochyena, and after a lot of training, his vows didn't fall short. He evolved, and one by one he took down the beasts that stood before him in an attempt to halt his progress. His trainer was shooting for the top, and he'd be damned if he didn't pull his weight in their team. Team Flare's power was growing, and they needed the right people at the frontlines.

But this new growth backfired; with more people hearing of Team Flare's dark goals, oppositions started to appear left and right. These trainers were stronger, not the stray kids Dan had been used to defeating. They were flowing in with bigger and better pokemon, and as the Mightyena found himself racking up the losses, Garrett was loosing patience. Training was bumped up to new levels, but the dog was burnt out. His fatigue couldn't be helped, and the repeated trips to the center left Daniel feeling lethargic and heavy on his feet.

So, needless to say, when a young challenger's Scyther raised its blades against him, he never stood a chance. The X-scissor flared flawlessly across his brestbone; the burn of a supereffective move consuming Mightyena in a heartbeat. Gasping for breath and feeling his legs buckle, he knew it had been a one-hit KO. Black dots were blurring together at the edges of his vision, and with every shaky inhale he felt the sting intensify tenfold. He had enough time to hear Garrett curse as his security key was stolen…

When Dan awoke, he was without a trainer and without a home. Oran and Sitrus berries littered the earth around him, and he assumed having been fed a few was what assisted him in regaining consciousness. He was still incredulous as to how he hadn’t completed fainted when he noticed his pokeball. It was an ultra ball, clearly discarded and covered in dirt. Looking at its cracked surface, he felt his jowls slip back into a snarl. To this day the Mightyena never felt any true sadness over the abandonment; his emotions skipped straight to anger, and collecting himself and the ball he set on his way.

The next few years were spent attempting to track Garrett in a blind rage, but after Team Flare disbanded the task’s difficulty was nothing to be desired. Having no way to contact humans and find out where his old trainer had gone, all Dan could really do was ask fellow pokemon if they had seen anyone like him around. Of course they had no way or knowing or remembering a face whose eyes the Mightyena couldn’t even describe. It was while talking around and trying to find information that he caught wind of something called the Dittech. Being able to turn into a human would certainly make his search easier, and it wasn’t as if Dan had a pack to go and live with. So, with nothing to loose, he went out and managed to get a copy of the device from a shady-looking Sneasel. But the machine did its job, and with new capabilities it wasn’t long before Dan learned the location of the Ex-Team Flare grunt.

When Daniel did manage to find him, he was living on the edge of Cyllage City. For weeks, everytime the older man would go out to get groceries or speak with his friends, a dark figure would follow him. He'd be there at the shopping centers he'd visit, and not once did the strange man ever buy anything. Daniel haunted his trainer, lurking where he could be seen but never spoken to. Until one fateful day, when the pokehuman finally grew restless and corned him in an alleyway. Garrett didn’t recognize him, and feeling previous anger at his ignorant face, Dan proceeded to mark it up a bit. Raising his fists to his previous trainer probably wasn’t very polite after all those years they had spent together, but caught completely off guard the man took to punch with little resistance or time to react. Never good with his emotions, the pokehuman couldn’t understand why he didn’t feel any better, even after he bloodied his knuckles. As Garrett picked himself off the ground, touching his split lip gingerly, he asked angrily who the hell he thought he was. Dan said nothing, and with another hit for good measure, the Mightyena fled the scene.

Deciding it best not to stick around Cyllage after assaulting a man in an alleyway, Dan hid in Lumiose; with so many people, there was no way anyone would bother him. At first the city life was overwhelming and took him completely by surprise, but he managed to get a job at a small café near the edge of the Northern part of the city. After that, paying for his small flat became easier, and he even started to interact with others – hiding as a pokehuman of course. Like this one girl, who had blindly walked in front of a taxi cab. True, the city was full of idiots, but Dan never claimed to be the brightest either.

Without a trainer or any real goal, Daniel is content living life to its fullest for now. He finds happiness in messing with his friends and co-workers, and of course playing video games now that he has thumbs. Occasionally he’ll run off to the edge of town to stretch his legs as a pokemon, but he can’t deny the perks of the Dittech. Whether he had originally gotten it for revenge or not, it has opened a lot of doors now that he’s actually able to grip handles.

:pokeball: Extras

:bulletyellow: | Speech |
A habit he's never been able to loose, one of the noticeable things about Dan is the way he bites his R's when he talks. They're often rolled in a bit of a growl, and this can sometimes make his speech sound even harsher than it was intended to be. The grrrowl comes from all his time as a Mightyena, and even though it feels perfectly normal while on four paws, as a Pokehuman it will sound a bit out of place. When he's being serious he'll try his best to tame the quirk, but more times than not he couldn't care less and lets his words sound however they damn well please.

:bulletyellow: | Teeth |
Mentioned briefly in the appearance section, Daniel has jagged teeth in both his pokemon and pokehuman form. Though the Dittech does a good job at forming a human illusion without any loose ears or tails, it's never quite been able to fix the little issue with his fangs. But he doesn't smile enough for it to be questioned, so more times than not it goes by unnoticed.

:bulletblack: | Likes |
Coffee and other warm drinks
♥ Winning and being able to brag
♥ Video Games [though he tends to yell a lot]
♥ Fire and fireworks of all kinds

:bulletblack: | Dislikes |
Everything about the beach
♦ Reading / sitting in one place too long
♦ People telling him what to do
♦ Bug Pokemon

:bulletyellow: | Dittech | The location of Dan's Dittech is his arm. It's taped to the underside of his watch, yet he's still late for work every morning without fail.

:bulletblack: | Fun Fact | Daniel is ticklish. Extremely ticklish. He'll deny it to his grave, but the evidence is in the way he breaks down at the touch of a feather.

:bulletblack: | Time Zone | ---------- (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
:bulletblack: | Chat Availability | --- Very Available, however prefers skype or notes for longer Roleplay

:bulletblack: | Roleplay Example |
Taken from a Roleplay for "KrosFox" with Captain-Clover and PenumbralWolf
It was oddly surreal, how with ever graceful movement of the fox he felt closer to his element. His affinity, smoke. Teigan often didn’t know what to think of it. Should he be glad? Should he be ashamed? He recalled how he used to practice it, working on his breathing, cloaking himself in the ashy, strong smelling whisps of air until he melted into the shadows. It used up a lot of his energy, his kros, but in a way, smoke served him well. It was the cover of thieves, allowing him to get around undetected. Well, to anyone who didn’t have a nose. He guessed it was probably more effective to use the element after he had been detected. And the gods knew how much trouble he got in, using his smoke or not. It probably didn’t help his case that the other day him and Nyoku had been exploring and discovered a Red Kros bead each. With it, he felt a strange sense of power, as if he could do whatever he wanted and still had a get out of jail free card. He smirked crookedly at the very thought. Aah, kros beads. He kept it a bit of a secret, however. It was partially because of his selfish greed and love of mysteries, but also because he didn’t like the idea of others asking him where he found it. Teigan knew if he would tell the curious aeniama, they would most likely go searching around there too. And with more foxes constantly exploring, there would be less potential places for Teigan to go and hang out or simply be alone, causing problems. He wondered absentmindedly if the cinnamon coloured spirit had told anybody about her bead. It didn’t really matter to him what she did, but come to think of it, she could’ve told all the level nine kitsunes by now. He shrugged to himself; Nyoku didn’t exactly strike him as a blabbermouth. His lilac gaze flickered back to the fox with the chicken skull. There was something about him that was both fascinating and almost… irritating? Teigan narrowed his eyes; that chicken skull was kinda creepy. It was so strange, the way the other aeniama would speak with it. Was it actually talking back? He couldn’t help but wonder if maybe this crazy brute was on to something. He contemplated trying to swipe his totem, but quickly rules that out. This fox was already batshit crazy with his skull. Who knew what kinds of hells would break loose without it? Besides, what would a fox like Teigan want with a smelly old chicken skull? *Continued but I'm not including it, my posts won't always be so long-winded*

Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle

*KitsaniCat has © to Daniel and Artwork
~Novaling has © to Pokemon-Amie
Mightyena and Pokemon are © to Nintendo
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